Did you know there is a new Farmers Market in Cedar Park?  Yeah, it’s probably not news to you if you are local, unless of course you have been living under a rock.  Hey, it could happen.  It has been a huge success for our community and I have been itching to go for weeks.  It was almost too successful at first, tons of people would show up early and they would run out of everything.  But the farmers and vendors have adjusted and there was plenty to choose from when we got there this morning around 10:45.  Just goes to show you how much our community needs and wants a farmers market!!  I really was so excited to finally have a chance to load up the kids and the hubs and head over.  We loved it, absolutely loved it.  I love knowing where our food comes from, that it is fresh.  THIS is what good food is supposed to taste like.  And it does taste different.  Better.  Natual.  Fresh.  I brought $60 cash and barely made it half way through before I had the urge to send Jason to the ATM.  We bought tomatoes, broccoli, fresh baked bread, fresh meat, jalepeno bbq sauce, some natural and organic dog treats for Kylie, fresh eggs (that were layed yesterday!) and a box set of natural soaps from South Austin People.  I love the soap already, we’ve been struggling with Taryn’s skin lately and this stuff smells so good and is all natural.  I really wanted the lettuce, peas, carrots and strawberries, but we divided the money and well, mine ran out fast once Ty smelled food and decided he was starving that instant (it was beignets, who could blame him?!).  We will be going back soon, I’m thinking of sending Jase with the kids next Saturday while I’m working, with cash and a list!  Their facebook page is here which is great because they post who/what will be there the coming week.

My photographer friend Erin Cobb has posted about a program she uses called Grow Alabama.  Does anyone know of anything similar in Austin?  We’d be all over it!!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I hope you all have a wonderful one!  And though it’s not very celebratory, I’ll be back to share a bit of my marital discord tomorrow.  I don’t normally air our dirty laundry here, but it’s Mother’s Day related and on topic, so there ya go.  I’ll just go ahead and put it out there that I’m right and he’s wrong.  Details on why tomorrow!