Mar 19, 2008
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Taryn has seen the light and realized just how perfect and amazing Teagan is.  So thankful for that.  She loves him, kisses him, asks to hold him and even says "I love my Teagan" at random moments throughout the day.  I goota say though, that despite her new found love for the baby, she’s been a total toddler terror the last few days.  I think she’s transferring her frustrations over to me.  Either that or she has marshmallows stuffed in her ears that are preventing her from listening to anything I say.

This brings a smile to my face…


Sweet little chub-i-licious thing.  I was searching for something yesterday on my old external drive and stumbled across so many old photos.  Tons that have never even been viewed or opened.  It’s like visiting an old friend sorting through them.  I was thinking of pulling a bunch of old photos, edit a few here and there to see what kind of gems I can uncover in that old drive.  Maybe even institute "Flashback Friday" here on the blog to share some of them….what do you guys think?  Would you be totally bored by that??


    One vote for Flashback Friday!!!!

  • Me two! I think it’s a great plan!

  • nothing beats a good flashback! love the idea and i think i might do the same!!! hope you dont mind. Taryn is way too precious in this photo…

  • Erin

    Glad to hear that Taryn has come around! Sorry about the toddler terror though…my little guy went through the same thing. While he adores his baby sister, he figures this is the time to be wild…while mom is feeding the baby too yet! Still waiting for it to pass…..

    I also vote for “Flashback Friday”…great idea!

  • Sounds like she’s coming around.. good to hear! I think the Friday idea would be great! I looooove finding old treasure pics from old files.. I say go for it! =)

  • I think that is a great idea!! Totally not boring at all!!

  • Amanda (pbear)

    Flashback Friday would rock!

  • I would totally love that. Some of your early shots are still my favorites! It would be awesome to see what you could do with them now.

  • Nope. I’d absolutely love it! 🙂

  • That would be so fun! I’ve found a few old pics of Hannah recently and I’ve re-edited them to “today’s style” 🙂 You can definitely uncover some hidden gems!

  • Tami

    What a cute shot! I love the idea of flashback friday too…

  • Absolutely adorable! I would love a flashback friday. When I first came across you it was on the nest and were just recovering from hurrican katrina and some of your ‘early photograph’ is really, really good. I just love your talent.

  • Tina

    Definitely do Flashback Friday!