What will our time together be like?2020-02-15T00:05:09-06:00

First, be ready to have fun and relax.  If we can do these two things together, I promise you will love the results!  My style is casual, fun, spontaneous and sometimes a little unexpected.  While I may ask your child to look at me, you won’t hear me ask your child to say “cheese”.  I want to catch them as they are, natural expressions, having fun, being mischievous  and yes, even pouting.  You may hear me sing a silly song, talk about purple pickles, bark like a dog or dance like a chicken.  Trust me, I am working, it just looks like play!  I like to approach sessions more like a playdate than a photoshoot with a lot of pressure to perform.  Relaxed and happy with a side of chaos photographs well!

How can I book a travel session?2020-02-15T01:15:32-06:00

The first step is to check and see when I will be traveling through your area.  If you don’t see exact dates here please send me an email at lstradtner@mac.com.  If the dates work for you, you’ll want to get on my calendar by paying the session fee. Once you are booked and on my calendar, I will send you a client survey. This helps me get to know you a bit before our time together and it helps me to prepare. It also goes over my policies. Travel sessions include 1 hour of shooting time on location.  We will work together to find the best location for your session.  I am happy to help you with outfit ideas and figuring out what to wear. I’ll also send you some tips on how to get the most out of our time together.

How often do you return to Texas?2020-02-15T00:53:01-06:00

We have committed to return to Texas at least each fall, usually in October or November.  Sessions during this busy fall season go quickly and I suggest you book asap.

I don’t see my state on your list. Are you traveling here soon?2020-02-15T00:47:56-06:00

Possibly!  Email me at lstradtner@mac.com to see when we will be in your area.

Will I own rights to the photos?2020-02-15T00:11:10-06:00

While packages include full resolution digital images, copyright is maintained by Lyndsay Stradtner and Life in Motion Photography.  A limited release is provided to you with your order for printing purposes.  You can print as big or as small as you choose, as many times as you choose.  It is, however, unlawful and illegal to scan, alter or edit the images.  I take great care in editing each individual image and the quality is important to me.  Scanning or altering an image depreciates its value, and along with it, my reputation.  Cropping is totally fine.  Social sharing is highly encouraged and appreciated with proper credit linking back to Life in Motion Photography.

Thank you for valuing my passion, my art and my copyright.

How long until my gallery is ready?2020-02-15T00:12:48-06:00

I will contact you within 2 weeks of your session to let you know your gallery is ready for viewing. It will be active for 7 days.  Payment must be made in full prior to release of full resolution images. Due to the custom nature of my work, all fees are non-refundable. Digital downloads are sent within 24 hours of payment in full.

How many photos will be in my gallery?2020-02-15T00:50:24-06:00

Signature Sessions will have a minimum of 50 images.  Mini sessions will have a minimum of 15 images presented, of which you can choose 5.

Can I buy more than 5 photos with a mini session?2020-02-15T00:16:58-06:00

Yes!  5 images are included with the price of a mini session.  Additional images can be purchased at a rate of $75 each.  If you decide you want the full gallery it is a flat $500 fee.

How many people does the session fee include?2020-02-15T00:39:53-06:00

One immediate family.  This would include the parent(s) and their child(ren).  If you’d like to add additional people to your session, including grandparents, care providers, aunts/uncles or cousins, etc., please let me know in advance.

Can we bring more than one outfit?2020-02-15T00:41:47-06:00

If you book a Signature Session, yes!  Mini sessions do not allow for enough time to change outfits unless it is simply removing a layer.

Will my images and name be shared publicly?2020-02-15T00:44:50-06:00

Only if you choose that option.  I love sharing sessions here on my website, on my blog and on social media.  I respect and understand that not everyone is comfortable with that.  When you complete your client survey you will be given the option to opt out.  I will only share with your permission.

What equipment do you use?2020-02-15T00:54:54-06:00

I currently use a Nikon D750 with a variety of professional lenses.  I also carry backup equipment to each session.

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