Trifecta of development in a short 30 seconds tonight!  We had just finished weighing and measuring Jonah for his 9 month stats and I was plugging them in to an app on my phone.  Ty and I were sitting there talking and Jonah got on all 4’s.  I quickly called Jase and he came running.  Right after he came in the room Jonah started crawling on all 4s.  He’s been arming crawling (he’s so fast) for several months but has had zero motivation to use his knees.  He then pushed himself up and in to a sitting position and proceeded to clap for himself when he was done!  3 new tricks in 30 seconds, it was THRILLING!  So, so exciting!  I still can’t believe he did all 3 for the first time at the same time.  Super convenient and nice of him to do it while I was entering milestones anyway.  Sweet, funny baby.  9 months old already.