I know this looks like just a simple snapshot of teagan hanging out at my mom and stepdad’s house.  But it makes my heart ache….

My first thought is “oh my gosh does he look like ty at this age!”  My memories of Ty at 18 months are all wrapped up in this house.  My first husband had only been gone a few months, my stepdad had just suffered a spinal cord injury and Ty and I, living an hour away, spent A LOT of time at my parents house while Larry was in the hospital.  We helped my mom go back and forth, kept things tied down at the house and just filled in where ever needed.  When I think of Ty at the age where Teagan is now, I think of this house.  Of Ty and I on our own, just the two of us, holding on tight and getting through.  Seeing Teagan here warms my heart.  In the bathtub where Ty splashed around for hours.  Running and exploring and just being a boy in the backyard.  In this little musical chair that was Ty’s favorite.  All the grandkids have loved this little chair, and now it’s his turn.  Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic because I know they will soon be leaving this house for their new big and beautiful beach house, but seeing Teagan here at this age, looking the spitting image of Ty, brings back sooooo many memories.