You are not a dog.  No amount of barking, wagging your tail or licking will make you a dog.  While I normally embrace your imagination and pretend play, I have officially reached my wits end.  I am a germ-o-phobe and having a daughter who licks everything is driving me insane.  Stop it.  It is gross.  There is no amount of sanitizer than will make it better.  If the swine flu continues to spread through Texas, you will find your little barking, tail wagging, licking everything in sight, self quarantined to your dog house.


Your Mother.


On a related note, a little funny.  On Easter we went out to dinner with some friends.  We got to the restaurant and Taryn had to go potty.  As we walked into the restroom, an older lady was passing by us going through the door.  I was giving Taryn “the talk”….it goes like this…..”Ok, now Taryn, remember, don’t touch anything and don’t lick anything“.  Well, that old ladies eyes got huge and gave me a really strange WTH look.  Three year olds are so fun huh?