Ok, so after a crazy couple of days, I’m running behind on my 12 Days of Christmas.  But this is a good one and I hope it will help a few of you get organized for the new year!  If you are a photographer looking for a really easy way to track your workflow, you are going to love this free download for my client tracking worksheet.  I changed mine to make it really generic and put in some extra spots so that you can totally customize it to meet your needs.  This spreadsheet keeps me sane and focused and on task, especially when it is super busy and I’m frazzled.  You are welcome to customize it to your needs, share a link to this blog post with anyone you want, etc. I just ask that if you post it online, please link back to this post.  Thanks and enjoy!


It looks like this:

As I’m moving through each client I put a little x in the corresponding box.  When the session is closed out I simply select their row and shade it out.  So it looks sort of like this:

Also, you will see a tab at the bottom that says 2012.  You can simply duplicate this tab and add one for each subsequent year and keep it all in one place.  This spreadsheet is always open on my computer and is the lifeblood of my workflow.

I hope this is useful to you and watch later tonight for another 12 Days of Christmas post!