Bedtime. Yes, we are “still” nursing. I’m pretty darn proud of that. Thankfully, I don’t get very many negitive comments about it, probably because we live in a pretty crunchy town. It’s good for him. It works for us. And it’s totally normal. Yes, he still gets milk, yes, it still has nutritional value (that one always kills me, like breastmilk suddenly loses all nutritional content at a year old?!). He will wean when he is ready. This phase of nursing feels easy. I donated breastmilk for over a year and pumped a lot to accomplish that. I also pumped a lot to be able to leave Jonah to work. So to be in this phase, with no pump, feels easy. You know, other than wrangling the wiggly toddler and occasional kick to the face….that kind of easy. Photo Cred: Jason Stradtner