Today was hard.  Motherhood got the best of me and I cried more than once.  It was a Monday, through and through.  Jude wasn’t in to doing school and was full of peskiness today.  It just brought in a negative feel to our day that lasted all day long.  We couldn’t shake it off and this momma was super happy when the kids were in bed.  Thankful I can hit my knees tonight, hand it up to the Lord and have a fresh start tomorrow.

Image above…..art week.  We are super excited about it, we have some great projects on tap for this week.  Taryn is putting her own spin on Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  And Jude is creating his version of Red Canna by George O’Keeffe.  We will be using a lot of different mediums this week.  Jonah’s favorite today was the chalk.  I thought for sure it’d be the finger paints, but nope, chalk was the winner.  We are also rounding out Ty’s final week in the 11th grade.  Being done with teaching high school and grading until August, yes please!!