Sep 12, 2007
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I somehow managed to pull myself into the kitchen today (morning sickness has made me avoid the kitchen at all costs due to the smells) for a little baking with Taryn.  She LOVES making cookies and as usual, jumped right in.  It made me miss Ty being at home during the day, but he participated plenty in the eating of the cookies when he got home from school =)


I love chubby little toddler hands


We didn’t quite get the rolling it into a ball thing right 😉  Maybe this girl needs some play-doh??


Exhibit A


Can you tell which were hers and which were mine?  =)


Licking her fingers wasn’t cutting it and before I could catch her she popped a bite in…I’m re-thinking the whole play-doh thing.


The hardest part of baking cookies….is the waaaaiting!  LOL The longest 7 minutes of her life!!


ps – got my blog fixed!  Yay!  It was a firefox problem and easy fix once I figured out what it was – YAY!  Thanks for stopping in!

  • Kimberly

    Those are some great looking dough snakes. Did you bake those like that? I’ve gotta know how that turned out if you did, haha!

  • Heather

    I love her little apron. I think it is great when parents cook and bake with their children! Such an awesome way for bonding!!

    Waiting for cookies to be done has got to be the worst.

  • Kim – we did bake them like that! it’s so funny because she knows which cookies are hers and which were mine and will only eat hers! They are yummy though!

  • LOVE the waiting picture 🙂 I got the big tub of premade cookie dough for Cam and I to use and its soooo much easier…and may be easier on the M/S belly…

  • Amanda

    OMG, thats so cute!

  • HILARIOUS. What did those cookies look like when they were finished, LOLOL!!!!

  • So cute! Love her rolled up cookies – too funny!

  • That is so cute! I love that she only would eat the ones she made!

  • This is SUCH a cute series of pictures. I LOVED baking cookies as a kid (still do). I can’t wait until Brick’s old enough to enjoy (and maybe actually help) doing something like this.