Last year on Thanksgiving we spent way too much time up in the attic digging through boxes looking for Bob so that he could appear that night after the kids went to bed.  So last year we went and got all smart and decided to keep Bob hidden in the perfect place in the house so that he’d be easily accessible.  Only over the course of the last 11 months, we forgot just where that perfect hiding place was and have spent the last two days tearing the house apart looking for him.  I cannot believe the kids haven’t asked where he was because they were just talking about him showing up the day after Thanksgiving last week!  I was all set to hit every Barnes & Nobles in Austin this morning in search of a new Bob when the husband found Bob in a box in my office.  That’s strange and we couldn’t figure it out since I didn’t have a home office last Christmas.  Turns out we’d stashed him in an old lens box and when I sold my Canon equipment we moved him to a new spot….and forgot about BOTH hiding places.  Oy.  So this year, when we hide Bob away, I’m going to post and tell you guys where he is so that when I forget we won’t have 2 days, a trashed house and a search party involved.

Do you elf on a shelf?  Please post blog links here, I’d love to follow along!  You can go back and read about Bob’s previous adventures HERE.  You can also find a lot of great ideas on my Flickr group HERE.  And of course I have a bunch of Bob ideas over on Pinterest HERE.

Let the fun begin!