Thank you all SO MUCH for all your wonderful comments for Calla’s birth slideshow!  I can’t even begin to tell you how great it makes me feel that they moved you and to hear the images made you feel like you were there, were moved to tears, or brought you back to your own birth experience, is the best compliment EVER!  Thank you!!!!!

And I’ve gotta give props to Anne Marie….I’m sure it’s not easy to allow yourself to be photographed while you are in pain and in such a vulnerable state.  But then to let all of us in blog world share in their experience, that rocks!  Jase and I are still undecided if we will have the birth of our son photographed.  I think Jase is all for it if it means he doesn’t have to learn how to use the 5D and endure the pressure! 

And this deserves the title of "Quote of the Day"….

Ty and I were waiting on the school bus out front the other morning talking about Jason’s photography abilities and how challenging the lighting was for Calla’s birth (I will be delivering at the same hospital).  I told Ty I wasn’t sure if Dad could do it or not.  He raised his hand, "UHM HELLO!?!?"  To which I replied "Ty, I’m sure you’d do great during labor but delivery would probably traumatize you."

Here comes the zinger….

"Mom, with you and Dad as parents, I’m already traumatized."


And just when I was feeling pretty good about my motherly abilities.  Humph.  Little pre-teen turd.

I digress…

Of course seeing Calla’s birth kicked my baby fever into high gear, I’m so ready for our little guy to get here (well, not really ready, but I can’t wait!).  Especially after yesterday, we had a "family bonding" 3D/4D ultrasound.  It was so cool to see our little guy, and it’s official, I’m carrying another clone for Jase.  I don’t have a scanner, but here is a pic of a pic…..


At one point during the ultrasound he was opening his eyes and closing them, as if he was looking right at us and moving his lips.  As if he had something he just couldn’t wait to tell us.  Hmmmm, and we thought this might be our quiet child.  Guess not!  LOL!!

Can I have two "Quotes of the Day"?  While watching the ultrasound DVD…

Little T:  "Dat kinda creepy momma, our baby orange".

Gotta love it, makes you wonder what goes through her little fabulous mind.