I’ve wanted to take my kids out to the Christmas tree farm and do a session with them for the last 5 years.  But the fall is my busiest time of year with work and my own family photos are usually a mere afterthought come the beginning of December.  The fall is just so busy for us.  And then one day in early September, it hit me like a brick wall….this could be Ty’s last year living at home during the holidays.  Brick wall doesn’t adequately express how that moment felt.  I think (hope) he will be home for the holidays even if he doesn’t live here, but there are no guarantees where life will take him in the next year.  He will graduate next October and we are getting a more clear picture of what his post high school future looks like, but this is our last guaranteed holiday.  I blinked and it all just flew by, in my mind, he will always be 6.  But reality says otherwise and he we are at 17.5.  I knew that I wanted to plan ahead for photos this year, with real planned outfits and everything, like a real client lol!  We did a big family session in October with Tara (I’ll come share those soon!) and I also managed to get all 4 kids out to the Evergreen Farm in Elgin in good moods!  Score!  I’m so thrilled with these, I’ve wanted to do this forever and I’m proud that we made it work before December!  My babies, all 4 of them together, I will definitely cherish these memories and this holiday season.