Yup, even more snapshots…..

T was totally dazed and confused when we woke her up Christmas morning.  Ty was ready to go and we put it off for a bit, but eventually had to wake Taryn up….


She warmed up a little bit when we brought her stocking filled with goodies to her…


Ty on the other hand was raring to go.  This is the one and only shot I got of them coming out….he literally ran by!
LOL He cracks me up…with his new RipStick.
Little T LOVED her new piano – we’ve been treated to many songs in the last few days!

ribbit ribbit

and the damage…yikes!


So somehow, right before Christmas, we managed to find a Wii.  It was totally a last minute decision and Ty was shocked!!  It’s been a blast for the entire family.



Stay tuned for gee-gee & ty wii boxing pics – bwahahaha!).  I say bwahahaha because as I was shooting she kept saying "these are not blog worthy!"….ah, but I disagree!!!

Now onto Christmas Take 2 – after my Mom arrived

… T knew what was up this go around and dove in!
I’m not sure when he grew up, but it feels like I wasn’t looking it happened so fast.  I still remember when he was 2, he marched right up to Santa at the mall and asked him for a "water hose".  Santa was so confused and said "Ok son, what will you do with your water hose?"  Loud and proud, Ty replied, "Squirt my Momma".  No kidding.  He got that water hose too.  And I got squirted.  😉
Gee Gee gave him a Harry Potter Christmas…he was in heaven.
Suuuuuuuu-per T!  And gee-gee giving a demo

T loved her memory game…although she insisted on playing it her way!

Thanks for bearing with me for snapshot overload….it’s my way of dealing with the guilt of not even opening a single image I took last Christmas.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!