Some days around here and low key and others are complete and total chaos.  I just never know what I’m going to get when my feet hit the ground each morning.  Today was a total chaos day.  A few highlights…

  • While getting ready to leave the house I went to my bedroom to get dressed.  I hear the inevitable scuffling and rushed through my routine to go see what was going on.  Jude and Taryn were sword fighting with a toilet brush (gross) and a toothbrush.  Ugh.  Both were wet (grosser).  So was the floor.  I scolded them both and added “buy new toothbrush for Taryn” to my to do list.
  • After lunch we hit Whole Foods.  As I was getting Jonah settled in the shopping cart Jude put his hands on the glass door leading in to the store.  Just as he did that Taryn stepped back.  When she did she was on the automatic sensor to cause the glass door to open.  Jude’s arm and hand got stuck in between the glass and the sliding door.  He was quick on his feet and scurried with the movement but his arm was twisted inside.  I quickly turns and tried to force the door closed but it would not budge.  I managed to squeeze his arm out from between even though it was twisted.  Thank God his arm wasn’t broken!  Totally fine but his eyes were huge with fear.
  • Once inside Taryn and Jude decided it would be fun to touch
  • They also decided it would be fun to pretend to be birds and flap their wings as they followed me up and down the crowded aisles.
  • Almost done, and anxious to get out of there, I remembered I needed parsley.  I swooped back around and grabbed a bunch, then headed toward the checkout.  As I wait our turn I look down and see Jonah has something in his mouth.  I pulled it out and it’s a full size, mushy, chewed on habanero pepper!  They were in a case opposite the parsley and the little stinker grabbed one while I parsley shopped!  It was dried and thank God it didn’t burn him.  I felt like the mother of the year.

Chaos.  Total chaos.