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I’d say Taryn was the most anxious for Zachary to be born.  Several times a day she would come to me and talk to me about how wonderful it’d be to have a new squishy baby in the house again.  About his hands and feet and the top of head.  About how cute he’d be and how much she was looking forward to holding him.  She absolutely couldn’t wait to get her hands on him.  And then when she did, he was small and felt fragile and it made her nervous.  I noticed she wasn’t asking to hold him much in our first few days home.  Sure enough, she admitted she felt he was too fragile for her.  So we’ve been gently encouraging her to get more baby time on her terms to get comfortable with holding him.  She really loves him and it’s so beautiful to see.  I’d say he’s pretty fond of her too.

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stradtner family camping trip | personal

Catching up on a bit of 2016 blogging so please bare with me.  This was actually 2 camping trips ago.  We had a great time, but it was a tough trip for me.  I had a serious foot injury, which meant limited mobility, no hiking, no exploring, no going down to the water to play with the kids (and no water photos this time around with the exception of the ones we took at Garner State Park).  But the trip was still so worth it through the pain.  Camping is our big reset button as a family.  No electronics, reconnecting, outside in nature.  Maggie and her obsession with thinking she’s a people and sitting in people chairs still makes me laugh.  The fireflies.  Oh the glorious fireflies.  They were so magical.  I’ve never seen so many in my life.  Jude called them “God’s glitter” and I can’t think of a better description.  It was very strange to not have Ty with us on this trip.  Camping is his thing and we missed him so much.  We’ve been hitting the Frio and these cabins for the last couple of years but our next trip was to Oklahoma.  I’ll be back to blog that soon as well….camping_1camping_2camping_3




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1/1/2017 | 365 Project | Personal


I absolutely treasured the photos from my 2015 365 project. But a bad foot injury killed my 365 Project in 2016 and having missed out on so many little, every day, moments hurts my heart. So…new year…new 365! I’ll admit I set this shot up because I want to end the year with a similar shot, but with out new baby boy (who will be 10 months old(ish) tucked in next to Jonah!

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Good Morning Sunshine.

Taryn has a new dental appliance that is helping her with sleep apnea.  It’s working.  She’s sleeping more than ever.  She would normally rise as early at 4:45 or 5 am.  Sleep disordered breathing is no fun and we are so thankful it’s working.  This is her “Good Morning Sunshine” face when she sleeps in until 9:45 am.  9:45 am yall!!  I can’t believe how much it has improved her sleep, mood and hormone regulation.  The fact that it’s straightening her teeth = total bonus!


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t and ruby

Gosh this is one of my new favorite photos.  I wanted to include it in my 366 but I took it on the 5th and had to have the photo of Jason and Taryn going to their last daddy daughter dance.  I had to come post it though….


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