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Our chiropractor and her trusty sidekick (have no doubt he tells her what to do lol) giving Zachary his first adjustment at just 3 days old. It feels like yesterday that she was giving Jonah his first adjustment at 24 hours old in this exact same spot.  Even an “easy” birth can leave babies out of alignment. A gentle adjustment does wonders for sleep, eating issues, tummy troubles and so much more.

Having a newborn in the house suddenly makes you realize that your 4 year old literally yells every single thing that comes out of his mouth.

Jonah is big in to diaper changes.  He wants to be right there for each and every one.  The step stool is always right next to the changing table.  If we move it, he hunts it down and moves it right back.  We get “poop reports” with each change.  Now if I can just convince him that poop reports aren’t necessary at the dinner table.

That big brother Jonah, is awfully good at giving his baby brother kisses.  Most days he wants to kiss him at least 100 times.

If I’m being honest, I thought Zachary would absolutely rock Jonah’s world.  So much in our house revolves around him.  He’s high energy and always busy, talkative, the center of the action in our house.  So far, almost 2 weeks in, he’s adjusting just fine.  He loves Zachary and is obsessed with giving him love and kisses.  I was surprised at how well he did holding him, patient, kind and gentle.  That hasn’t faded with the newness just yet and I’m so thankful for that.  Sometimes it is a little too much love, but that’s a great problem to have!  He’s had a great example in Jude, that’s for sure. (Zachary was 2 days old here)


We busted out of the hospital a day early and brought Zachary home.  I couldn’t help but take a heart photo of him on his first day home since it was Valentines Day.  The big brothers wanted to join in too.

Catching up on a bit of 2016 blogging so please bare with me.  This was actually 2 camping trips ago.  We had a great time, but it was a tough trip for me.  I had a serious foot injury, which meant limited mobility, no hiking, no exploring, no going down to the water to play with the kids (and no water photos this time around with the exception of the ones we took at Garner State Park).  But the trip was still so worth it through the pain.  Camping is our big reset button as a family.  No electronics, reconnecting, outside in nature.  Maggie and her obsession with thinking she’s a people and sitting in people chairs still makes me laugh.  The fireflies.  Oh the glorious fireflies.  They were so magical.  I’ve never seen so many in my life.  Jude called them “God’s glitter” and I can’t think of a better description.  It was very strange to not have Ty with us on this trip.  Camping is his thing and we missed him so much.  We’ve been hitting the Frio and these cabins for the last couple of years but our next trip was to Oklahoma.  I’ll be back to blog that soon as well….camping_1camping_2camping_3





I absolutely treasured the photos from my 2015 365 project. But a bad foot injury killed my 365 Project in 2016 and having missed out on so many little, every day, moments hurts my heart. So…new year…new 365! I’ll admit I set this shot up because I want to end the year with a similar shot, but with out new baby boy (who will be 10 months old(ish) tucked in next to Jonah!

Jul 31, 2016
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He’s super excited about our big news!


Due February-ish.
Baby is currently healthy and strong.
We will find out if it’s a boy or a girl as soon as we are in the same state again.
I have been incredibly sick this time.
We are planning another homebirth with our favorite midwife, Heather Hilton.
We will be hiring a birth photographer.
The kids are THRILLED.
So are we!

One frame after this one Jonah gave Jude a wet willy.  Brothers!03_18_2016_w

Somehow Texas skipped winter and we went straight to summer.  This kid is not complaining.  With my foot injury, he’s only getting outside time once Daddy gets home from work.  The second Jason walks in the door, Jonah is ready to head out!


His preschool theme this week is boats.  He is obsessed with this lego boat my mom sent to him.