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It’s official. My husband would do just about anything to make me happy. Including offering to get behind the camera and take our kids out in the bluebonnets because I’m still recovering from surgery. I’m not able to work yet and even the occasional 10 minutes behind the camera photographing Zachary, bending, moving, adjusting, is too much for me.  I was sad to miss out on Texas wild flowers this year.

Up until recently all of Jonah’s homeschool preschool lessons have been very hands on.  We finally created an account for him on one of our homeschool computers and signed up for ABC Mouse.  He was pretty excited about it and took to using the mouse and keyboard for the first time really quickly.  I was so impressed.  And he thought he was pretty big doing school on the computer just like the big kids.

Jonah has been obsessed with this little point and shoot he found in the junk drawer.  I wish it still worked!  He loves asking everyone to look and smile.

I’m backtracking a bit here because I realized I never shared our family and maternity session from last fall with Libby Ann Photography.  It was SO windy on this day.  I can’t believe she caught anything of us, crazy gusts!  The location is so very special to us as well, just outside of the birth center that has provided care for Jonah’s birth, our 3 losses and my pregnancy with Zachary.  I made the sash and included 3 little angel charms to represent the 3 little angel babies we lost.  As hard as it is for me to put myself in front of the camera when I’m pregnant, I’m so very happy to have these.  They bring me back to a really happy time, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby boy.

Jonah is getting good at this big brother stuff.  Here he is trying to calm Zachary while I throw together a quick lunch for the big kids.

Of all the sweet boys, in all of great big Texas, I’m so thankful these are mine.

Jonah adores Zachary.  Which means he’s almost always in his bubble.  Sometimes that makes Zachary a little wide eyed lol.  Love these snaps of them snuggling in my bed the other day….messy face, wide eyes, and all.

Jonah adores Zachary.  He gives him the most love, the most kisses and hugs.  It’s seriously the sweetest thing.  That’s not to say it hasn’t been an adjustment adding a new very needy (yet adorable) person to our family.  Thankfully Jonah is throwing that at Jason and I and not toward Zachary.  We are in the trenches of figuring our new normal out, including all kinds of not so fun new behavior and hurling himself off of things, but I’m super thankful he adores our new addition so much.

Lots of boys in our house and I just love it.  And I love how they all love on Zachary constantly.

Our chiropractor and her trusty sidekick (have no doubt he tells her what to do lol) giving Zachary his first adjustment at just 3 days old. It feels like yesterday that she was giving Jonah his first adjustment at 24 hours old in this exact same spot.  Even an “easy” birth can leave babies out of alignment. A gentle adjustment does wonders for sleep, eating issues, tummy troubles and so much more.

Having a newborn in the house suddenly makes you realize that your 4 year old literally yells every single thing that comes out of his mouth.