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This little guy has given me a run for my money with taking photos of him.  He’s pretty tough to photograph and it’s even harder because I’m mom and a food source!  I’m not bending well or moving easily post c-section so that is an added challenge as well.  I’m so thankful we had two newborn sessions with amazing photographers to take some of the pressure off of me!  I can’t wait to receive our galleries!

Our chiropractor and her trusty sidekick (have no doubt he tells her what to do lol) giving Zachary his first adjustment at just 3 days old. It feels like yesterday that she was giving Jonah his first adjustment at 24 hours old in this exact same spot.  Even an “easy” birth can leave babies out of alignment. A gentle adjustment does wonders for sleep, eating issues, tummy troubles and so much more.

Having a newborn in the house suddenly makes you realize that your 4 year old literally yells every single thing that comes out of his mouth.

We weren’t sure if she would want to go this year.  Or if we’d even be able to swing it with Zachary’s arrival.  I think she worries about being the oldest one there, but once she sees she is not, she’s happy to go back the next year.  I love this tradition and the memories they are making are so precious.  Oh, it was an “under the sea” theme so she made them both crowns of jewels to wear.  Jason opted out of wearing his but I do have some video of him in it lol.

His little old man faces make me laugh.

Jonah is big in to diaper changes.  He wants to be right there for each and every one.  The step stool is always right next to the changing table.  If we move it, he hunts it down and moves it right back.  We get “poop reports” with each change.  Now if I can just convince him that poop reports aren’t necessary at the dinner table.

One of the things I really wanted to do at our home birth was little rainbow baby foot prints.  Since we didn’t get the chance, I asked Heather to do them during one of our postpartum visits.  I am so glad I did, these mean so much to me.  I love her.  And him.

Mar 14, 2017
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He’s #5 and the very first of my children to have a fabulous swirly belly button.  Swoon!

Mar 13, 2017
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All the little details of our sweet Zachary.  I thought about using this for his birth announcement but changed my mind, so I’m sharing it now.  Those big monster feet make me laugh so much!

It’s not easy being this cute.

Green grass in February with 85 degree weather? Yes please and thank you Texas! His itty bitty days are just flying by….

He has monster size baby feet.  They are so small, but *so* big for his little body lol.  All of his sleepers fit except for in the feet where he’s busting the seams.  His toes are so long they can wrap around my pinky finger.  I’m obsessed with his big monster size baby feet and his long fingers.