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I knew it was going to be a great session with the very first photos were smiley.  This family has the best smiles!  Big brother and sister were just the sweetest with their new baby brother.  They loved on him so much and it was so sweet to see.


I have been so honored to photograph Libby’s family through the years.  I have been able to do each of the boys’ newborn sessions and so it was really special to get to do a 3rd newborn session for their newest addition, Joshua!  It feels like yesterday that I was photographing Will as a newbornThen Jack and now baby boy #3!  Libby is an amazing photographer and really excels at posing sweet newborns (she did Jonah’s session) and so we really wanted a more lifestyle feel to these, getting her in front of the camera a lot.  I just love the photos of her with her sweet little guy.  And that last photo of Jackson, oh my goodness, so funny!  He’s really embracing his promotion to middle child lol!  Libby and Greg, you are blessed with such a beautiful family and I’m so thrilled for you guys!  I am so thankful for your friendship, your prayers, your support, always lending an ear when I need one, and the many beautiful memories you’ve captured for my family over the years.  I am so blessed by your friendship!


Sweet little Charlotte was so good for her session this weekend.  I photographed her big sister as a newborn 3 years ago.  Their sibling photos make me swoon, I’ll definitely come back and share them!

(ps.  Some time ago I started to only do sneak peeks on facebook.  I’m having a love/(mostly) hate relationship with facebook lately.  I deleted the FB app because I discovered the newest update gave them access to read my texts.  I had ads specific to certain text conversations, and it just felt…..creepy, so I deleted the app.  The result as been that I’ve been on FB much, much less.  This is a good thing for me personally and professionally.  I want to focus more on my blog and bring my energy back here.  So I’m moving sneak peeks back over here but they will also be posted on facebook as well for the time being.)

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We just got back from a week of vacation on the Frio River last night and I’ll be by to blog our trip.  Until then, feast your eyes on this little sweetie.  Watching his big brother love on him this morning was seriously just the sweetest thing.

I figured I had better hurry up and come blog this session before her next baby plan session sneaks up on me in a few weeks.  She’s 3 months old already!!  Try as we might, little miss was just not in to snoozing during her session.  She was perfectly happy and awake hanging out in her mom and dad’s arms.  Can’t really blame her, they absolutely adore her.  She finally konked out at the very end, safely tucked away in dad’s arms.  Totally worked for me, I love lifestyle newborn sessions!


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This little one was so sweet this morning.  She was perfectly happy in the loving arms of her parents, exactly where she should be.  Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter Dan & Frank!

Ziggy is his nickname and I love it.  He was the sweetest little thing and by the time their canvas came in (of the first photo) I got to go back and see him again while delivering it.  Wow, he’d changed so much already!  It reminded me why it’s so important to capture little ones all fresh and brand new, they change so fast and those early days go by in such a haze.  I’m already looking forward to his 1st birthday session this December.  I can’t wait to see this sweet family again!

I need to hurry up and share his newborn session before I see him again for his 6 month session in just over a week!  Wow, that flew by!  He was such a sweet, sweet baby to photograph as a newborn and his mom tells me that at 6 months, he’s quite the “hoss”!  HA!  I absolutely can’t wait!

Her actual newborn session is tomorrow but I invited them to head out (to the most expansive bluebonnet field I’ve ever seen) tonight with my family for a little *pre-session*.  They are brave souls to face my loud, crazy monkeys in a field of wildflowers LOL!  I can’t wait to spend more time capturing Allison tomorrow…

Ok, #4 on the way has totally thrown my calendar and schedule for 2012 for a loop. This little one has decided to arrive right smack dab in the middle of busy season.  Thankfully I have amazing clients who have been open to adjusting their session dates by a few weeks on either side of my due date.  The sessions listed below are it for the year, I won’t be adding in any more.  These will go fast, so if you want to book a session, now is definitely the time!  You can email me at for details and pricing.

March – 1 Mini Sessions / 1 Birth
April – 2 Signature Sessions / 2 Mini Sessions / 1 Birth
May – 3 Signature Sessions / 2 Mini Sessions / 2 Love Light Mini Sessions May 5th / 1 Birth
June – 5 Signature Sessions / 4 Mini Sessions / 1 Birth
July – 3 Signature Sessions / 2 Mini Sessions / 1 Birth
August – 4 Signature Sessions / 3 Mini Sessions
September – 1 Signature session first Saturday of September only; Sessions for presently booked clients and then closed for baby watch.
October – Closed – Sessions for presently booked clients only
November – Closed – Sessions for presently booked clients only
December – 2 Signature Sessions / 2 Mini Sessions – images & products not delivered for holidays.

After July I will not be taking on any births in the foreseeable future.  When I return to photographing births will largely depend on my nursing relationship with the new little one.  We’ll play it by ear, but it will definitely be awhile.

Additionally, this new twist in life and business and helped us to make the decision to reopen The Birth Experience Mentoring Program.  I had planned to close it off last month, but that plan has now changed.  Memberships are open at this time.  You can see more information here.

I first met this little family when they were expecting their first and had so much fun photographing their little man as a newborn.  Even at just a few days old, he was such a charmer and poser too!  I loved it!  I was beyond thrilled when I got an email telling me they were expecting again and they wanted to do another newborn session.  I know I say it all the time, but I really love to watch families grow.  Apparently, charming and posing at 5 days old are genetic, cause little miss, just like her brother did not disappoint.  They are so much alike!  I absolutely adore the casual family shots taken all piled up on their bed.  They were all so relaxed (likely from exhaustion from the night before).  My favorites though are when little man fell asleep and the look on his parents faces, total shock, when I pointed out we’d lost him.  I hear he *never* falls asleep outside of his bed like this.  I’m so happy I was there to capture it all, such a sweet moment.  I agree little buddy, babies ARE exhausting!