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The little boy energy!  It’s just the best!  It feels so much like hanging out with my own Jude and Jonah.  I love all the expressions and smiles and giggles.  So real and so very much fun!


For Joan’s birthday session this year we decided to head to South Congress.  We haven’t been there with her since she was itty bitty and it was just perfect.  All the color in this session makes me so happy.  It’s so very her.  I love how she poses herself for me and has her own ideas on what to wear and where the best spot is to take photos.  She’s strong and bright and funny and colorful.  And someone lost a tooth just in time for her closeups!


Speaking of little boys who absolutely love the camera, little M definitely does!  Oh my goodness, so much personality that it makes my job a blast!  And did I mention he has some mad dancing skills as well?!  Super impressed!  Just wait until you see the sweetest photos of him holding his baby brother, be ready to swoon!


These kiddos showed up with the best smiles!  I can practically hear the giggles just looking through their photos again.  This was originally supposed to be a mini session, but the kids did so great, we just could *not* narrow it down!  I loved getting to know them and capturing their smiles and sweet personalities!


This is my second session with this awesome family.  They invited me back to capture Dixon and Juno and I’m so very thankful they did.  I had other words prepared for this scheduled blog post, but my heart is too heavy to share them now.  Sweet Dixon passed away about 5 weeks after these were taken.  And unfortunately, Juno passed away at the end of January.  My heart hurts for you Christine and Chris.  I’m so thankful that we took these photos when we did and my hope is that they will bring you both comfort as you mourn the loss of both of them.  Even cranky Dixon smiled for me on this day.  Sweet, sweet, memories.


I think this was one of my favorite sessions from the fall of 2016.  The colors!  The light!  And the love that they bring before the camera, it just all came together perfectly.  I been photographing these kiddos since they were each born and it’s so fun to see their little, big, personalities bloom!


Can you believe that this beautiful girl is growing up so quickly?  It feels like yesterday that I was photographing her at age 2 and here she is, looking so grown up.  She’s always a highlight on my fall schedule.  And I particularly love the dance party pics with her daddy….it’s SO THEM!


I can’t believe Milo is already a year old.  There are so many little details in this session that are just so them that I really love.  I’m so thankful that I got to capture his first year.


Oh this happy, sweet, girls steals my heart.  And can we talk for a minute about those rubber band arms?  Chubby little 6 month old babies are my absolute fave!!  Swoon!


Oh baby Bowen, you’re such a happy little squish.  You remind me so much of your big sister at this age.  I want to reach through the screen and pinch all those cute little rolls!


This family is absolutely gorgeous and just at so much ease in front of the camera.  The kids were rock stars and one certain little boy was the biggest of hams for the camera.  So much fun!  I don’t think they could be any cuter!

Riley (aka Rileybug) is 2!  I swear it was just a few months ago that I was photographing her birth.  Riley’s momma is my amazing midwife, Heather, with Central Texas Birth Center.  She’s taken such good care of us through the last 2 pregnancies.  Riley is quite the little baby midwife herself, having attending over 70 births in her first 2 years.  I’d be lucky to have her at our birth but I hear she’s busy lol!  I love the photos of her on her tricycle, she’s obsessed with it and is so good at riding it.  Happy birthday baby girl!