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Emily and I have talked about doing this session with Adelaide for quite awhile and I’m so happy we finally made it happen.  This girl, she loves her animals.  This is her element, her happy place, where she connects and it was such an honor to be invited in to her happy place to capture those special relationships.  The animals respond to her with so much love and affection.  And we couldn’t have been blessed with more gorgeous light on this day.

Mr. L has the most perfect little pout.  And smile.  And wardrobe.  His little man clothes are killing me!  So very cute!  We were hoping he’d dive in to his cake, but he just wasn’t feeling it.  He’s so cute though, it all worked out!  Ha!

They always bring their A game!  The energy and fun is always a blast with this sweet family!  And I love that the boys come up with their own ideas of what to do and where to go during our time together.  It’s just the best!

One of my most favorite families!  The girls have grown up so much.  I swear Ms. Ava reminds me of a little mini Cindy Crawford!  This was a super fun location to capture them in – I love how their personalities just shine through!

I’m pretty sure I’ve probably seen Jenn in the grocery store a million times, or Target.  Because now that I know her, I see her ALL THE TIME!  It’s funny really how often we run in to each other!  Jason and I took a Hypnobirthing class at Central Texas Birth Center in the second trimester and Jenn was our instructor.  I can’t recommend her enough.  Even though this is our 5th child, we still go so much out of the class.  She made it fun and interesting and Jason actually even laughed out loud in her classes.  I highly recommend it if you are in the Austin area!  It was a total bonus that I got to meet her sweet family and photograph them.  Jenn you are beautiful inside and out and I’m so thankful I can now call you my friend.

My friend Sarah and her family traveled to Austin in the fall for this session and I just have to share the words she shared when she saw her sneak peek:

“This morning was challenging. Neither girl wanted to be photographed, neither one wanted to be held, or sit on a lap, or smile, or hug her sister, or wear shoes, or generally do anything to make our morning a little easier. Lyndsay reassured me the whole time, saying, “Chaos photographs really well.” She was right.”

I tell clients that alllll the time.  Cute with the perfect amount of chaos lets us see real personalities and that always photographs well.  So if your kids bring the chaos, don’t worry, that works for me!  And what feels like chaos to parents, feels totally normal to me.  I’ll soon have 5 kids and my life is pretty much all chaos, all the time.  I say bring it on!  Sarah and Royal, thanks for making the trip to Austin for your session, I loved seeing you guys again!

When you see on facebook that your client is getting a new puppy and you immediately send an email to make sure said puppy will be attending their upcoming session.  Their puppy could not be any cuter either!  The kids weren’t so sure just yet but man, so very cute!  Taryn and Tino are getting so big.  And can we talk for just a minute about that stink eye Taryn threw out toward the end of the session??  I was laughing so hard.  Mostly because my own Taryn throws out that stink eye on at least a daily basis….hahahaha!

The little boy energy!  It’s just the best!  It feels so much like hanging out with my own Jude and Jonah.  I love all the expressions and smiles and giggles.  So real and so very much fun!


For Joan’s birthday session this year we decided to head to South Congress.  We haven’t been there with her since she was itty bitty and it was just perfect.  All the color in this session makes me so happy.  It’s so very her.  I love how she poses herself for me and has her own ideas on what to wear and where the best spot is to take photos.  She’s strong and bright and funny and colorful.  And someone lost a tooth just in time for her closeups!


Speaking of little boys who absolutely love the camera, little M definitely does!  Oh my goodness, so much personality that it makes my job a blast!  And did I mention he has some mad dancing skills as well?!  Super impressed!  Just wait until you see the sweetest photos of him holding his baby brother, be ready to swoon!


These kiddos showed up with the best smiles!  I can practically hear the giggles just looking through their photos again.  This was originally supposed to be a mini session, but the kids did so great, we just could *not* narrow it down!  I loved getting to know them and capturing their smiles and sweet personalities!


During our spring session Heather and Jeff were so patient with me trying to hobble through fields in a big foot boot to shoot.  Unfortunately, Jeff had a foot injury of his own just a few months later.  He broke his heal falling off a latter….ouch!  I can so relate to how debilitating it is and didn’t have 1/2 the injury he did.  So, we moved their fall session to their home and we had to get creative and keep things simple.  But we totally pulled it off without so much as a knee cart in camera.  You are such a trooper Jeff and I hope that you are healing up!  And I think these are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken of Ms. M….so cute!