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I can’t believe Milo is already a year old.  There are so many little details in this session that are just so them that I really love.  I’m so thankful that I got to capture his first year.


Oh this happy, sweet, girls steals my heart.  And can we talk for a minute about those rubber band arms?  Chubby little 6 month old babies are my absolute fave!!  Swoon!


Oh baby Bowen, you’re such a happy little squish.  You remind me so much of your big sister at this age.  I want to reach through the screen and pinch all those cute little rolls!

This little guy just stole my heart this morning.  The top photo was literally the very first photo I took at this session, little rock star! He wasn’t a huge fan of the whole sleeping thing.  It’s ok because he’s so very cute.  Add in red hair, big blue eyes and a couple of dimples, I couldn’t resist him!  I’m so excited to get to capture his first year of life!!  Congrats Jessica and Trey, I’m so thrilled for you guys!


I have absolutely loved capturing this family through two baby plans.  And man am I going to miss seeing these beautiful girls so often, they are just the sweetest family!  Happy Birthday baby girl!!


I just love their smiles!


Uhhhh, could he be any cuter?!  Nope.  I don’t think in all of my 10 years of business I have ever seen a baby go from SO happy, to pitiful sad, to SO happy, this quickly.  It’s literally seconds in between and just the funniest thing ever!  And his sad faces are still so photo worthy, just adorable!  I can’t wait to photograph them again in a few short months.


I’ll be honest, we all hoped and predicted that baby Bowen would have a few rolls.  His big sister did and oh boy was I happy to see him show up with rubber band wrists and a bit of chunk.  So, so sweet!  Oh I just can’t wait to see him again at 6 months old!  And this location brought back so many memories, it’s the same spot where we photographed big sister when her mom was pregnant with her.  Times have changed for sure!


These two kiddos have a very sweet relationship.  I love capturing them together.  This day was super windy, but we still got some wonderful memories captured!


This dashing little red head stole my heart this evening.  First, he has THE cutest pout in the history of ever.  I couldn’t stop smiling while he was crying!  And he rebounds from the pout so quickly and throws out the most adorable smiles!  Seriously, just the cutest!!


Baby Bowen is already 3 months old and he’s just darling!  He’s changed and grown so much in just 3 short months!!  The chub, the cheeks, the chins, we caught it all this morning…..swooooon!!


I have been so honored to photograph Libby’s family through the years.  I have been able to do each of the boys’ newborn sessions and so it was really special to get to do a 3rd newborn session for their newest addition, Joshua!  It feels like yesterday that I was photographing Will as a newbornThen Jack and now baby boy #3!  Libby is an amazing photographer and really excels at posing sweet newborns (she did Jonah’s session) and so we really wanted a more lifestyle feel to these, getting her in front of the camera a lot.  I just love the photos of her with her sweet little guy.  And that last photo of Jackson, oh my goodness, so funny!  He’s really embracing his promotion to middle child lol!  Libby and Greg, you are blessed with such a beautiful family and I’m so thrilled for you guys!  I am so thankful for your friendship, your prayers, your support, always lending an ear when I need one, and the many beautiful memories you’ve captured for my family over the years.  I am so blessed by your friendship!