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Hello, I’m new here. ¬†Zachary at 10 days new ūüėČ

I can’t believe it’s been a week already. ¬†Why are these early days so long when they go by so quickly? ¬†My mom bought this amazing blanket for Zachary and I absolutely love it. ¬†It’s so soft! ¬†I’m really glad I took this photo when I did because that night his cord stump got stuck in his sleeper zipper and it popped off. ¬†A little before it was ready and I felt so bad when he let out a little whimper. ¬†Ugh, mommy guilt. ¬†I’m sorry buddy!

We had a really hard time choosing a name for our little guy. ¬†We didn’t make a final decision until just a few weeks before he was born. ¬†We usually try to pick something earlier but it was hard this time. ¬†I wanted to name him earlier to help with bonding after our 3 losses. ¬†But we just couldn’t come up with one we all loved (or even that just Jason and I both loved and let the kids deal lol). ¬†And then Zachary came along. ¬†I love the meaning: ¬†God has remembered. ¬†He has not forgotten us in our desire to grow our family amidst so much loss. ¬†He has not foresaken us. ¬†He has remembered. ¬†John is after Jason’s grandpa that we lost last year. ¬†We wanted to honor him and it just fit so well with the first name because it means “God is gracious”. ¬†Jason’s grandma was so pleased to hear the name and that makes us both so happy.

Right after the photo above I needed to change my little guys diaper. ¬†Taryn came along to try to calm him and snuck in a few head smells for good measure. ¬†She just loves the way he smells and will stop what she’s doing (note pencil in hand lol) to sneak one in ūüėČ

Mr. L has the most perfect little pout. ¬†And smile. ¬†And wardrobe. ¬†His little man clothes are killing me! ¬†So very cute! ¬†We were hoping he’d dive in to his cake, but he just wasn’t feeling it. ¬†He’s so cute though, it all worked out! ¬†Ha!

As much as I really love photographing 6 month old babies, 9 month old babies are right up there too!  Those chubby cheeks and open mouth big kisses are just the best!


I can’t believe Milo is already a year old. ¬†There are so many little details in this session that are just so them that I really love. ¬†I’m so thankful that I got to capture his first year.


Oh this happy, sweet, girls steals my heart.  And can we talk for a minute about those rubber band arms?  Chubby little 6 month old babies are my absolute fave!!  Swoon!


Oh baby Bowen, you’re such a happy little squish. ¬†You remind me so much of your big sister at this age. ¬†I want to reach through the screen and pinch all those cute little rolls!

This little guy just stole my heart this morning. ¬†The top photo was literally the very¬†first photo I took at this session, little rock star! He wasn’t a huge fan of the whole sleeping thing. ¬†It’s ok because he’s so very cute. ¬†Add in red hair, big blue eyes and a couple of dimples, I couldn’t resist him! ¬†I’m so excited to get to capture his first year of life!! ¬†Congrats Jessica and Trey, I’m so thrilled for you guys!


I have absolutely loved capturing this family through two baby plans.  And man am I going to miss seeing these beautiful girls so often, they are just the sweetest family!  Happy Birthday baby girl!!


I just love their smiles!


Uhhhh, could he be any cuter?! ¬†Nope. ¬†I don’t think in all of my 10 years of business I have ever seen a baby go from SO happy, to pitiful sad, to SO happy, this quickly. ¬†It’s literally seconds in between and just the funniest thing ever! ¬†And his sad faces are still so photo worthy, just adorable! ¬†I can’t wait to photograph them again in a few short months.


I’ll be honest, we all hoped and predicted that baby Bowen would have a few rolls. ¬†His big sister did and oh boy was I happy to see him show up with rubber band wrists and a bit of chunk. ¬†So, so sweet! ¬†Oh I just can’t wait to see him again at 6 months old! ¬†And this location brought back so many memories, it’s the same spot where we photographed big sister when her mom was pregnant with her. ¬†Times have changed for sure!