I’m playing catchup and blogging some sessions….this order was actually already delivered but I wanted to come back and share a few before I get called away to their impending birth here pretty soon.  And by a few I mean a lot, I had so many faves it was hard to choose!  I was pretty excited to get to deliver their order in person and look through the images together, I usually ship orders out, so that was a treat for me.  Miss T….you look beautiful darling….

If you’re a regular around here, you’ll be happy to know that not only is she a client, but she’s a regular blog reader (and loyal commenter – thanks girl!) too.

She gets me….I flippin love working with people who get me.  Who let me just do my thing and trust.  That rocks.  Yeah, they were pretty trusting.

The best part, I get to work with them from maternity, to the birth and all the way through the first year.  I love that.  I love watching brand spanking new families grow and change right before my eyes.  I love seeing them go from a couple to a couple of experienced parents in the matter of one year. Just think about all they will experience together, everything they will learn, how much more love they will have.

I think just about every Austin photographer has shot here before, there were several of us there during this shoot as a matter of fact.  Awesome location.

Love this one….

I love these two shots.  I love the way he is touching her belly.  Such a guy way to do it.  Like he’s grasping a basketball, perfect!!

Thanks for a really great session you two and I’m sooooo looking forward to the next year!