Mar 07, 2008
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We received a telephone call today from our Pediatrician stating they
received some test results back indicating Teagan may have a birth
defect.  Part of me is devastated.  Part of me is hopeful they are
wrong.  They could be wrong, we pray they are wrong.  We’ll know more
by next Thursday.  I look at him and see how tiny he is, how helpless
he is, and the thought of him being sick tears me apart.  I
just want to hold him in my arms and stare at him every second to make
sure he’s alright.  This feels so unfair.  I wasn’t sure if I should
blog about it or not, but this is what’s happening in our lives and
what we are facing, so here it is.  It’s a long time until next Thursday.  If you’re
the praying kind, please say one for our little man.

  • Oh Lyndsay, I am thinking good thoughts for your little guy!

  • Oh Lyndsay, we will defiantly pray for Teagan. I am sure that he will be fine. The reason that they screen for all those genetic indicators is so that they can intervene with early treatment. In reality these test have a lot of false positives. I was just talking about this with one of my good friends who is currently in doing her paediatric rotation in med school. This is what she said “[the tests] only catch a few thousand kids a year, because they’re pretty rare conditions and the biggest problem is actually false positives that require more testing, but I’m sure the parents of those kids are glad for it!”

    Even if he has a birth defect he is still perfect – and he was given to the perfect family.

    take care and try not to stress too much : )

  • i’m sending up some prayers for your little guy. hopefully it will be minor. when my middle child was a few weeks old i received a call on a friday that her blood work was abnormal. i cried, feared and trembled all thru the weekend. turned out she does has a “condition” but it boils down to her having small red-blood cells. so, i’m praying that the little man’s is a simple, minor, itty-bitty thing. hang in there!

  • Consider it done. I’ll be praying for your little guy and for all of you that you will hear good news on Thursday.

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  • You are in my prayer journal! I will be lifting your family up, especially precious Teagan in prayer. Just cling to Jeremiah 29:11…it has helped me through alot!!!

  • We’re praying for you all here! Good thoughts for Thursday!

  • I will pray for the health of little Teagan, and for the strength of your family.

  • Lyndsay – Your post tears me apart. We know what you are going through all too well. Please know we are praying. Please know that if there is anything, anything at all, our family would do it for you. I love you. If you need to talk, please get ahold of me, but know that we are all praying deeply for you, for everyone and especially for Teagan. Heather

  • All of you are definitely in my prayers & thoughts.

  • Lyndsay–

    Your son will always be perfect in your eyes, regardless of what the health professionals say. My prayers are with you guys right now. God bless, Audra

  • Praying for Teagan and all of you…

  • You’re all in my thoughts!!!

  • Many prayers will be said. God Bless.

  • My thoughts are with your family – I’ll be praying for the best.

  • My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you!

  • Janet Stradtner

    This is from Grandma, Teagan is fine and will be fine…I have so much faith and light candles in my church every sunday for all of you, plus I have seen our little man grow, he eats so well , and all his tests and numbers have been great…and remember most of all, he is a Stradtner and Stradtners are TOUGH…That comes from great-grandma Lois…

  • Be strong, Lyndsay, and keep us updated. Hugs to you honey

  • Teagan is a beautiful and perfect. I pray for you and your family…may God wrap his loving arms around you all.

  • Thoughts are prayers are with you and your beautiful son and family!!

  • I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. I know how awful it is to get life-changing news about your child. But I have learned that doctors are not always right, so I will definitely pray that they are wrong. But another thing I’ve learned is that a diagnosis doesn’t change the fact that you have a beautiful, loveable, gift that is your child. Nothing can take that away from you. You’re in my prayers!

  • A prayer is being sent from here!.. I hope that everything will be okay XOXOXO

  • I have been and am still praying like crazy! I am thinking of you guys constantly!!!

  • oh noo.
    I pray everything turns out well for little Mr. Teagan… I know it will… He sure looks perfect to me!

  • I am praying for your family and sweet little Teagan.