We received a telephone call today from our Pediatrician stating they
received some test results back indicating Teagan may have a birth
defect.  Part of me is devastated.  Part of me is hopeful they are
wrong.  They could be wrong, we pray they are wrong.  We’ll know more
by next Thursday.  I look at him and see how tiny he is, how helpless
he is, and the thought of him being sick tears me apart.  I
just want to hold him in my arms and stare at him every second to make
sure he’s alright.  This feels so unfair.  I wasn’t sure if I should
blog about it or not, but this is what’s happening in our lives and
what we are facing, so here it is.  It’s a long time until next Thursday.  If you’re
the praying kind, please say one for our little man.