I was unloading the van after my session this morning and I realized how telling this scene was.  I live in my van this time of year.  I do a lot of driving no matter where I am shooting because we live so far out.  I don’t mind it much, time in the car alone is just that, alone time.  When you’re the mother of 3 you’ll take it wherever you can get it:  a minute alone in the bathroom, even walking down the hallway alone or any time in the car when sesame street isn’t blaring from the backseat and children are begging for a snack.  Anyway, busy season….it means the people at starbucks expect me daily, lenses live in my cup holders too, props such as flowers, buckets, blankets, chairs, and just about anything else you could possibly image live on every seat and in the trunk.  My children eat more meat and noodles or scrambled eggs, both husband specialities.  I’m proud he’s adding veggies to his mix though this year too.  I spend more time in front of the computer staring at cute little faces, funny little people and a whole lot of love.  I get to marvel over how my clients have changed and grown since the last time I saw them.  I get deliveries almost daily from the labs, it is like Christmas every day.   I come home from sessions filthy dirty from chasing toddlers and laying in the street/field/mud/dirt/you name it I’ve probably laid in it.  And sore, man do I get sore after days of shooting several times a day.  But this year, I’m not stressing over having 7 or so sessions in my stack to proof and 4 to ship and 3 to upload.  Nope, I’m not.  Cause the summer brought a much longer list, and I was much more exhausted than this, and you know what?  It all got done.  My clients were patient and wonderful and I’m feeling pretty darn lucky to get to pick up where I left off before Teagan got sick.  So while busy season is in fact, busy, instead of running around like a crazy person like I have in years past, I am taking a big breath this year and realizing that this is truly a blessed time.  Personally, professionally, in every way.  Busy means normalcy.  Busy means people in my house are healthy enough that I’m able to work.  Busy means my clients are still enjoying my work.  Busy is good.

And with that, I’m off to jump back in the van for a session downtown tonight!