I finally caught her in the act.  She’s been opening doors for a few months and it freaks me out every.single.time.  Mostly because we have an alarm and it makes it beep alerting me one of the doors has been opened.  My heart jumps because it means one of the kids went outside unattended without me know or someone (or now somedog) came in.  Of course I quickly realize it’s her simply because she storms inside like an F5 tornado, there is no mistaking the presence of The Beast.  She’s smart.  Really smart.  That’s becoming a blessing and a curse.  I swear she understands everything we say and feel.  I shot these through the living room window looking out to the back porch.  The last one is my fave.  She looks unamused by me.  Yes, her look says “just unlock the door already woman”.  HA!  And of course I did.  Now if I could just teach her to close the door behind her when she lets herself in, that would be awesome.