Bryce Canyon National Park! We were so excited that we set up the RV and jumped over to the visitor center to grab some Jr. Ranger packets real quick. But you know what happened next? We got pulled right in to that park for a quick peek. And then we just wanted to get out of the truck a second. And then we were hiking to the overlook. It happens every.single.time! We just can’t resist!

Yesterday was a pretty simple day for us. We were all a little tired so we just drove around Bryce Canyon, stopping at the different scenic view points.

The Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon. There was a clearly defined path out there with a sign saying it’ll cost you a $100 fine. I’ve seen enough photos on Instagram to know lots of people risk it lol.

Views for days.

We absolutely love our spot at Ruby’s Inn just outside Bryce Canyon. We are literally one minute from the park entrance and our spot is HUGE. We were all so surprised at the space, being Thousand Trails members we know they would squish 4 families in this one spot lol. We have a huge grass pad, firepit rock area and a spot wide enough to park next to the RV. Spaaaaaace is such a luxury, y’all!

We were supposed to go hiking yesterday but decided to lay low instead. That meant a drive around Bryce Canyon and cooking brinner over the fire. Because we all love bacon more when it is cooked outside. Jonah and Jude played big frisbee until it landed on a big Class A next to us. Thankfully they weren’t cranky and encouraged Jude to climb up and get it.

Our first hike this morning lead us to a mossy cave and a beautiful waterfall.

The view going down….
We really wanted to hike the switchbacks taking us down in to Bryce Canyon. But we totally overdid it and paid for it. The view was completely unreal though. By far the hardest, yet most rewarding, hike we’ve done yet. I started to get worried when very physically fit people were struggling on the way back up. Our fitness trackers tell us we hiked 4 miles, almost 10,000 steps and 24 flights of stairs.

The view going back up.

This little guy followed us around at the top of the canyon. I’m pretty sure he was asking for food as he came right up to us, stood up, and waited.

The light vs dark going down was pretty dramatic mid afternoon. Can you spot Jason with the little boys?

We felt tiny.

Bryce is like nothing we have ever seen!  We made so many wonderful memories here and I think it’ll end up being one of our fave parks of the year.