Bob.  Oh Bob (as Teagan would say).  Where do I begin?!  Bob was lonely and invited Twink over with his peeps last weekend.  They were reunited and I think you can see, very, very happy to hang out for awhile….


Doesn’t Twink look tan?!  Do you think he got highlights while he was in Cali?

Bob and Twink together!!!  It made our hearts sing….the children were hilarious!  You should have seen how excited Michele’s boys were to find their elf at our house mid-party!  The kids all started telling elf stories and comparing notes, HA!  If they only knew!!!

Fortunately (unfortunately?!), Bob’s visit with Twink was just what he needed.  Bob is now feeling better and seems to have his, uhm, ‘spirit’, back….


NO BOB!  Don’t do it!!!…..and Elmo, how could you?  I’m so ashamed, we expect more out of you……



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