You guys! Tonight was amazing!! We drove 2 hours from Idaho to Colter Bay inside Grand Teton National Park in hopes of seeing Bear #399 and her 4 cubs. I got some location ideas from other photographers in the area. Not having much luck, we had dinner, played by the water, then as we were leaving a little girl waved us down to tell us bears were close by! Sure enough, momma and 3 cubs!! We were all SO excited! It was so amazing to view them from a safe distance. I am not 100% sure this is #399 as she only had 3 cubs with her. It’s not uncommon for a cub to become separated and I really hope the cub is ok if this is 399. They were so curious and bumbled all over chasing momma bear. Swipe to see them all together! such an incredible day! 🙌🏻 UPDATE: this is not bear 399 – it’s a black bear nicknamed Grumpy that frequents the same area.