Yes you are little dude, yes you are.

Last night was rough.  Jase and I didn’t make our way to bed until around 2:30ish.  Then Taryn woke up at 3, decided to go in and wake up Teagan by screaming his name at his door.  Not cool.  He freaked out and started screaming.  Jase and I each take one kid to get them back to sleep.  Somehow we ended up with both of them in bed with us.  Well that didn’t work, all they did was kick and fuss at each other, I got a lovely full on headbutt to the eye….yadda yadda yadda.  All this to say, I’m sleep deprived, tired and praying for long naps today.  Eh, who am I kidding, I pray for long naps every day!

Tomorrow – beach pics of Little T in her pink tutu suit!!  And stay tuned this week for more information on the travel sessions….we’ve been working through the details!  So exciting!!