yesterday, taryn skipped her nap but we still decided to hit IKEA for a few new bookshelves for the playroom.

and then, our 11 year old pouted, our 3 year old ran around in circles and our 11 month old threw cheerios all over the floor.  nice huh?

and then, we had dinner at IKEA after spending 1.5 hours debating bookcases for said playroom.

and then, we had to take taryn to wash her hands 3 times because she kept getting them dirty climbing on the floor.

the meatballs were good.  teagan ate all of his.

and then, taryn sang THE SAME song 9,862 times in IKEA.  everyone heard it.  everyone.  something about viking crossing the sea….you’d think I’d remember it word for word after 9,862 times.  everyone in IKEA thought it was cute except for us.

and then, after almost 4 hours in IKEA, we left, just a little stressed.  get out into the parking lot and try to shove all the bookcase boxes into our two vehicles.  while Taryn sang about vikings crossing the sea.  at the top of her lungs. i notice the veins on my husbands head starting to bulg.

and then, my cute husband hit his head ducking out of his tiny car.

and then, unable to listen to one more verse about vikings, he tried to get taryn out of the cart and into the car….only he pulled and pulled thinking her leg must be stuck.  next thing you know, her white and shiney hiney is out for everyone to see.  while pulling her out of the cart, her pants got stuck on the back of the seat, and well, let’s just say the moon was out.

and then, ty turned around and saw the shiney hiney and laughed so hard he walked right into the back of my suv while holding an ikea basket.  the basket rammed right into his…well…uhm…shall we say….uhm….privates.  he fell on the ground in pain, still laughing.

you’ve got the visual right….shiney hiney hanging out, cute husband laughing trying to get said shiney hiney covered up again, 11 year old on the ground clutching his privates and laughing hysterically, teagan, bright eyed, but exhausted and whining to get out of the cart….ok good.

and then, jase and i just laughed, marveling at why we ever even bother leaving the house.  seriously.

and then, we notice the single guy with sports car next to us, staring in horror.  i can only imagine what he was thinking.  bet he’ll be single a bit longer.

just a normal evening with the stradtners.