I have a new employee.  Well, if you call since October “new”.  Ty has been officially working for Life in Motion and has been on the payroll since October of last year.  And let me tell you, I absolutely could not have made it through a very, very busy season without him.  He’s been working behind the scenes doing all sorts of things to help me keep things organized and running smoothly.  He’s done a wonderful job and far exceeded any expectations I had about us working together.  He’s been very mature, very responsible, very trustworthy.  He has a set of tasks to do for each client and so far he does it with a smile, ahead of schedule and without prompting from me.  He brings a breath of fresh air and an element of excitement to his job.  I’ve been super impressed.  2010 it was all been behind the scenes.  With the new year, comes new goals and a new business plan for changes that far exceed my own expectations and goals when I first started out 5.5 years ago.  This is very much a family business, and will continue to be as it grows.  Jason has always had a huge hand in our business as well, he handles the huge task of the financial and tax accounting.  He also has helped me package and does all the computer/networking technical stuff I avoid at all costs.  He will continue to do all of those things but we are adding to Ty’s responsibilities and as he grows, and as my business grows, he will be more and more visible!  Starting in 2011 he will begin to accompany me on a select number of sessions so please do not be surprised if you see him at yours.  I am so super excited about that, it makes my heart sing.  I am so very proud of him. Ty, welcome to the biz.