Guess who I got to hang out with today?  Yup, Miss Alexis!  I requested to do a special model session with her at the beginning of the summer and man did time just fly by.  I promised her Mommy that I would do the session before we move and we were down to one of our last weekends here.  We’ve had to move it around and reschedule  several times so thankfully her Mommy is really patient!!  We had a lot of fun and Alexis is the most cooperative 2 year old ever!  And guess who we ran into at the park?!  My other little buddy and model from this summer, Philip, he and his daddy were chillin on the swings at the park 🙂

Here is Miss Alexis…such a little doll….


love this silly face =)






So many more from today that I love….I’ll be back to post more as I start to sort through them!