My sweet Jude turned 5 in February.  How is it that 5 years have passed since this sweet, kind hearted, loving boy, entered my life?!  I can honestly say that he’s the sole person who has changed me more as a mother and as a person than anyone.  I’m so thankful for him.  I’m beyond thankful he’s healthy and strong. His sweet little spirit makes me smile every single day.  He rolls with the punches and takes on change with ease.  He loves Legos to the extreme, he’s always building and imagining and creating something.  He is always bringing me his next creation for feedback and praise.  If you say the word ninja, he’ll karate chop you ninja style, without warning.  He’s still a blankie boy, but this is the year he’s not quite as attached and no longer runs his fingers through the strands at the ends of his favorite blanket.  He still wants mommy to snuggle at bedtime, he needs at least 5-6 *extra* hugs a day.  He only likes “ice cold water”, he loves avocado and dislikes chicken.  He’s loving kindergarten and after just a few weeks in, he’s starting to read a few words.  I love it when he reads a new word and his whole face lights up.  He’d sit and do math all day long if I let him.  He and Taryn drive each other crazy, but also can’t stand to be apart from one another.  They are just like a little old married couple sometimes.  He loves to lay and snuggle with Jonah and I at the end of the day.  He still fits in my lap and does so daily.  There are so many wonderful things about him….I could go on and on.

After a few photos he got to choose what we did on our date night.  He chose to go to HEB and spend his chore money on new Legos.  He worked so hard to earn the money for this particular set of Legos and was so excited to *finally* go get them.  He held my hand through the store, counted out his quarters with care and smiled ear to ear all the way back to the parking lot.  He was thrilled and I loved spending some time just the two of us.

And of course we had to do a quick video birthday interview.  If it feels rushed it is because my phone was about to die.  He looks at me like I’m crazy when I tell him Happy Birthday in the video and that’s because his birthday was 6 weeks ago.  Better late than never.  It makes me laugh his favorite food is “chocolate” in this video. He was hoping for chocolate on Easter, the very next day!  As luck would have it, they each got a special treat, an Enjoy Life chocolate bar, in their Easter basket, along with lots of summer fun toys!  I love that he can’t pick just one favorite color.  He genuinely wants to be an Astronaut and a Jedi when he grows up.  He’s currently Star Wars obsessed.


Happy Birthday to my sweet Duder.  A whole hand!