We had a good weekend.  We spent time cuddling the kids a little more than usual.  My husband kept me on my toes.  He made me want to pull out my hair, then the next minute he’d make me laugh.  Must be the fresh air.  We did a little spring cleaning.  We had dinner with friends.  It felt like spring.  We had open windows and fresh air in the house.  We played in the bluebonnets.  We went down the slide in the backyard.    We had mexican and bbq, it was a very Texas weekend.  I worked on proofing a recent birth and we also had lots of family time.  I even got to sneak away for an evening of shopping ((with no kids!!)) with a friend.  It was heaven.  While we were technically shopping for our girls, I scored this little number for Teagan…..except for the shirt, my mom sent him the shirt ((thanks Gee!)).  I should have taken video, he points to the dog with gusto and says bark bark…..

If you missed this in the comments this weekend, it’s worth checking out.  Teagan’s future wife is such a cute little flirt 😉