Little T is finally getting the hang of the tricycle she got for her birthday, although she’s much better at going backwards SUPER FAST!  ((Little Einsteins syle))  =)


And a little funny story from yesterday….

My mom has been helping out picking up Ty from school since he gets out right smack dab in the middle of T’s naptime and we just didn’t feel safe with him being on the bus this year.  Well they have their routine down pat, pick up, snack, errands then home.  Sometimes they will pick up a little snack surprise for Taryn too.  Yesterday, Taryn was waking up just before Ty got home and she and I were laying on the bed chatting as she woke up.  Ty came in and told her he had a surprise for her, she suddenly sits up, wide eyed and yells, "IS IT A SNOWMAN?!?!"  LOL….nope, "just" a bag of M&M’s.   Hehehe…funny girl.  Hey Gee-Gee do you think you could pick up a  snowman on your way home today??