I thought I’d come back and share more of this squishy little guy as I’m working on getting their order ready today. To say his parents are over the moon that he’s here, would be an understatement….

I love these two.  I always think back to the place I lived when I brought my babies home and remember that moment, so I love capturing a little glimpse of that at newborn sessions….

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but little stinker was wide awake….

I love this series too…this was the very first time he was in his crib.

faves….so tender

We pulled out all the stops and tried all my normal tricks to get him to sleep, but the poor little guy was just so overtired.  He was actually due for his first full underwater bath since his cord stump fell off.  We thought for sure that would wear him out.  I was so happy to be there to photograph it and he was happy as a clam in the water.

The bath did him in.  A quick nursing session, a warm blanket and a few snuggles with his mommy and he was out….

Fave!  Just look at those cheeks!!

E & M – thank you for letting me be there to capture your little guy so tiny and new!  It was an honor to be there for so many of his firsts and I am thrilled you love the photos we captured that day.  I cannot wait to see your wall display come together and hope you enjoy the images for many years to come!


My session for today got rescheduled due to location issues so I’m off to see “UP” with my favorite little girl and my guys are off to Lowes to do a little fun building.  Saturdays rock.  Happy weekend!!