1.  I have come to the realization that I’m never going to catch up.  If it didn’t happen in January, it’s probably not going to.  I have sessions that are 2 months old that I haven’t blogged yet, not to mention a few births and a stack of personal photos.  I haven’t been taking very many photos at home though this month….thankfully the iphone is never far away….

2.  This week was the first time since Teagan was around 6 weeks old that I cried before getting out of bed at the mere thought of my husband leaving me alone with the children for the day.  It was rough.  The worst week we’ve had in awhile.  There are days Taryn overwhelms me so much that I feel as though I can’t breathe.  I know before I had her, I would have thought horrible things about a mother who would say that out loud.  But that was before I had a blond diva who is demanding to an extreme.  This week she was in full force and teaching Teagan all her tricks.  Early in the week she pushed Teagan down and sat on him, he got mad, screamed and cried and climbed up on my lap.  He then threw up all over me and him.  I asked Taryn to go get me a towel because if I would have stood up, it would have been bad.  She moseys to the bathroom and comes back with one tissue.  No honey, a towel, get Mommy a towel please.  2 minutes later she comes back with a washcloth….getting closer and about to gag from the smell I get specific, a bath towel Taryn, get Mommy a bath towel!  Zero sense of urgency she saunters back to the bathroom, comes back a few minutes later, no towel in hand, walks right up to me and says “Mommy, can I have a gum ball?”  Uhm, NO!  I’m covered in puke, go.get.me.a.towel!  Oh yeah…….Add in a few sickies and exhaustion and Friday (and the return of mother’s day out) couldn’t get here fast enough.

3.  Ty brought me flowers and candy home from school today.  He’s so thoughtful.

4.  Taryn now plays dress up in her room when she is supposed to be napping, whatever she appears in once she declares sleep time is over, is always a crack up.

5.  Teagan says “Bo-Pen” instead of “Open”.  I love that.

6.  Michele sent me some photos from our little adventure out with our hubbies and I LOVE them.  I will come share them soon.  I love having photos of just me and Jase, not centered around the kids, something just for us.  It’s so rare and I cherish them already.  I’m still working on hers….here is one…I love how you can just barely make out the capital building behind them….

7.  Teagan got a little motorized 4 wheeler ride-on thing for his birthday.  He LOVES it.  We decided to give it to him on his actual birthday in an effort to avert the drama it would cause with his sister.  Turns out that was a good plan.  Although I will say, she is pretty resourceful.  She now brings him every single toy of hers that Teagan has ever wanted to touch or play with in an effort to woo his new ‘motorcycle’ away from him.  Sometimes it works.  What she doesn’t know is that he runs to her room and touches it all the minute she leaves for school anyway…..shhhhhhh, don’t tell!

8.  As a result of the ‘motorcycle’ battle between toddlers, when we were checking out of Target yesterday we had a few birthday items and the cashier asked whose birthday it was.  I told her Teagan just turned 2 and she wished him a happy birthday.  He responded with a prompt and loud “ITS MINE!”.  Awesome.

9.  I don’t think I’m going to make it to 10….but it is 3 am….one more….

10.  Tomorrow is Teagan’s birthday party!  Can’t wait for the Stradtner grandparents to roll in.