Date night is a weekly thing at our house.  My mom wrangles the kids, takes them out for a night of fun and Jase and I have some time to ourselves, a quiet dinner out usually.  We’re thankful for it, so thankful.  Wednesday nights, smack dab in the middle of the week, a little break, to last us until Friday.  So last night was the last date night where my mom took off with the kids for awhile.  Bittersweet.  She happened to mention to Ty that he could pick his favorite date night activity.  Of course she thought he’d pick swimming, skating or the arcade.  And he woulda if I hadn’t whispered "Chuck*E*Cheese" loud enough for everyone to hear.  I don’t know what came over me….it was pure evil for me to do that to her.  Not exactly the Gee’s favorite place, her nemesis …… bwahahahaha.  Can I blame it on being pregnant?  Ok, probably not, but it was worth a shot.  Ty got excited, the Gee glared at me and I giggled (a lot).  =)

So all throughout the day yesterday, I kept telling Taryn they were having a big date night and going to Chuck*E*Cheese and she’d say "WITH GEE GEE!" and jump up and down.  Super excited.  When her daddy was getting her dressed for their date I asked her where she was going and she says "CUT DA CHEESE!".  HA!  Funny girl….I’m going to go ahead and guess she learned that term from her 10 year old brother 😉

Next week date night falls on moving day, so we will all go out to dinner together.  Bittersweet.