Oh this makes me laugh.  This shot was totally unprompted, I just happened to have my camera in hand when I rounded the corner and found her like this.  Homegirl has been getting up at the crack of dawn, sneaking across the house and swiping my iphone off my nightstand.  She then proceeds to hide in her closet with the door closed and play games on it.  How do we know this you ask?  Jase woke me up the other morning stating he couldn’t find Taryn anywhere.  We knew she was in the house because the alarm was on.  Once found, she looked annoyed we’d interrupted her.  Whatev.  Soooo, now she’s been contained by the gate at the end of the hall and she is not a fan, can you tell?  I love her.  And I love her highwater buzz lightyear pants.  And her bedhead.  And even her drama.  She makes me laugh.