I had an appt this morning to check for
progress. Dr. says I’m making slow progress, only a little change, so that’s good.  We believe that the little stinker flipped around and he may be breech.  He still has some time to flip head down, but I go in next week for an
ultrasound to check and discuss the possibility of manually trying to
turn him via a version. I really hope he flips before then. I do not
want to have a c-section if I can avoid it but the version doesn’t
sound pleasant at all either. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

scary part, when I got there the nurse checked his heart rate and it
was at 195! As soon as she put the dopplar on my belly, I just started
to panic, it sounded wayyyyyy too fast. The Dr. listened for awhile and it was between 175 and 195 (normally he’s
around 150-155 tops). So they kept me for an NST. After 20 minutes she was comfortable with his
baseline so they sent me home but now I’m sitting
here worrying that something is wrong.  I just want our little man to be ok.