Dear Jonah,

It’s hard for me to believe that you are already celebrating your 1/2 birthday.  6 months, the days have flown by.  I remember the days before you were born, wondering who you would look like and daydreaming about all the little details of your personality.  I’ve loved every minute of discovering who you are.  You are sweet, snugly, such a good baby.  When I pick you up your immediately snuggle your face in to my neck under my chin and simultaneously pinch my neck on the other side with your hand.  It’s your thing.  You love to lay your head on my chest and snuggle at random.  You love peek-a-boo.  Sometimes when you are nursing I’ll absent mindedly rub your back and arm.  If I get too close to your belly you will crack up laughing, sometimes spitting milk all over both of us.  Sometimes, if I rub your back while nursing you’ll grin up at me, waiting for the little belly tickle, hoping it will come.  You do great in the van as long as one of the bigger kids are back there to entertain you.  You say “dada” and are on the move.  No crawling, but definitely on the move.  I can’t figure out who you look like.  Every now and then I think I see a smidge of Teagan Jude in you, but I think that is mostly your sweet little kind demeanor.  Red hair and blue eyes, I never saw that coming!  You are a blankie boy, the blue, soft one is your favorite, just like Taryn’s when she was a baby.  You instantly freak your freak when I walk toward the changing table.  And you instantly kick your little feet in to a frenzy and squeal when I walk toward the bathtub with you in my arms.  You love the water.  You gave me a big, open mouthed, slobbery kiss for the first time this week.  You wave bye bye and sometimes put so much in to it that it takes both arms.  We have delayed solids and you are just now starting to get some nourishing, gut healing, bone broth.  You are so ready and I’m so proud of the way we are prepared to feed you.  Maybe it’s because you are the 4th baby, but you are so easy.  I can’t wait for the next 6 months, to learn even more about you, who you are, all the little fun ins and outs of your personality.  I love you my sweet baby boy.

Love, Momma