Oh what a difference 6 months makes.  Top photo of Jonah and I in an herbal bath on the day he was born – taken by my amazing birth photographer, Leilani Rogers.  Bottom photo by my sweet husband.  Jonah loves taking baths with mommy so today we took a few photos to mark his 1/2 birthday.  I love that he was born at home, in the water.  And I love that water always calms him.

I woke up this morning to him nursing on my elbow, smiling and giggling.  He thought it was so funny and had Jase and I cracking up laughing.  Oh funny baby, it seems like you were just born yesterday, but it also feels like you’ve always been here.  You fit in seamlessly.  I love you sweet boy.

And because I’m feeling brave tonight….a few more….

Jase did such a good job, I’m so blessed that he was willing and able to take these for us.  I’ll always treasure them.  And this sweet little boy.