1.  On Friday I was thinking of posting a good old Flashback Friday.  I went searching and 4 years ago I posted this:  little things Wow, lots of little things are about to change again.  But in such a different way.  Different clothes, cloth diapers instead of disposables, no Tylenol (it’s horrible for the liver), yes lots and lots of things we’ll be doing differently this go around.  I can’t wait for all the little things that a new baby brings in to the house, so fun!

2.  The Just Label It campaign that I wholeheartedly support is in full swing.  During this campaign, Taryn’s photograph holding her “I am not a science experiment” sign has been featured everywhere from The GMO Project to The Huffington Post, she went viral there for awhile.  They have received a record breaking 900,000 signatures telling the FDA to label genetically modified foods.  This movement is large and it is moving!  I am so excited!!  We are trying to get to 1 Million.  If you haven’t signed it, please consider doing so ASAP, there are only a few days left.  No matter what side of the debate you stand on, each of us has a right to know what is in our food.  Listen up FDA:  The American people are speaking!

3.  Believe it or not, the very first person to buy something for our new baby on the way……was Ty.  Totally makes me swoon and want to squeeze him in a big hug.  How sweet is that?!  He went on a trip over spring break and when it came back he brought everyone in the house a gift.  Including a Carter’s bag of itty bitty tiny baby stuff.  Swoon!

4.  Speaking of Ty’s trip, this one felt so different.  He’s used to traveling alone via airplane, he’s done it for years.  He no longer needs the attendant though.  I still go through security and bring him to the gate, even though he doesn’t really need me to.  This time, I had to ask him for a hug goodbye when he got in line to board.  I sat and watched him hand over his boarding pass and walk down and on to the plane, not so much as looking back at me for assurance, or a smile, or anything.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that broke a piece of my momma heart.  I *know* the fact that he’s confident in leaving me is a sign of us doing a good job with him, but boy are those little moments hard.  A week later when he came home, I decided it was unnecessary to drag my pregnant self and two littles through security and Ty said he could handle leaving the gate, getting his bag and meeting us for a drive-by pickup outside.  So that’s what we did, no big deal.  It was like picking up an adult this go around, so different.  Times are a changing.

5.  Our family has been completely dairy free for almost two years.  For that reason, this photo feels so bizarre!!  I never, ever, thought we’d do dairy again and it catches my eye ever time I open the fridge.  After a lot of research and time and prayer we started searching for an organic, grass fed only raw dairy farmer.  We found one and went to go visit a few weeks ago.  In order to be comfortable with it, I needed to *see* the setup and happy cows with my own eyes.  We spent two hours at the farm and came home with a gallon of milk.  A friend shared some kefir and we did skin tests with fermented raw milk kefir on all 5 of us first, to be sure there were no reactions.  All clear.  Then we put Ty on it first, he has no dairy allergies so it doesn’t make sense to not have him on raw dairy for all the health benefits.  Then Jase.  He does have a dairy allergy, but did fine with the fermented raw milk kefir and the straight raw milk.  I’d always wondered if his allergy was due to the pasteurization and killing of vital enzymes.  Jason had to be in the clear from any reactions before I could consume it as I’m avoiding all things he’s allergic to while pregnant.  He did just fine, not a single reaction or symptom, so crazy, so I’m on raw milk now too.  That first glass was soooo weird, it’s been a long time.  I’m anxious, nervous and a little apprehensive to add it in for Taryn and Teagan just yet due to the level of their allergies.  I’m hopeful it’s also a pasteurization issue for them as well and we won’t know until we try.  And can I just say, y’all, oh my god, I’ve missed cheese!  Real cheese!