5 Things I could do without:

1.  The constant feeling that I’m staaaaaarving.  Seriously.  It’s like a battle for real estate in front of the fridge between Ty and I.

2.  Holy crazy weather here lately.  We lost the majority of our back fence a week or so ago.  It still isn’t fixed and it is making me crazy because I have to go stand out there every single time one of the dogs needs to go pee.  Maggie isn’t that bad, but Kylie is an old dog lady and seriously thinks she needs to pee every 5 minutes.  Of course we get out there and she just sits and stares at me.  I totally have time for that.

3.  That I haven’t been picking up my camera nearly enough.  I seriously need to shake off this slump I’m in with taking photos at home.

4.  While our new classroom is all moved and set up in the house, all the other rooms are still a disaster.  We’ve had zero to no motivation to move Taryn in to my old office and there is just junk everywhere.  It’s easy to close the door and ignore it now, so that is just what I’ve done.  The chaos of a messy house stresses me out.

5.  Legos.  Sorry Marti (she might disown me over that….).  Ty handed down his *massive* lego collection to the little kids and I’m afraid the bottom of my feet will never be the same.  They love them so I smile and endure.  But can I just say “OUCH!”?  This cranky attitude may have something to do with the fact that my baby bump doesn’t allow me to see my feet anymore, so stepping on a lego is a cruel sneak attack every single time.  Of course it could also be that my sweet little boy is grown up enough to no longer want or need his legos…sob.

5 Things I love right now:

1. That Teagan still calls Taryn “huns”.  It’s short for honey and it makes me stop and soak it in every single time I hear him say it.

2. Feeling this baby move throughout the day (well, mostly night!).  Thump, thump, bump, bump from the inside is just the best feeling in the world.  It’s a bit sweeter knowing we truly believed I would never feel that again.  This baby likes to hang out on the left side for some reason.  I felt a kick to the right last night and made me stop and pause!  Jase felt the his first kick the other night hanging out on the couch with his hand on my belly, I love it!

3.  My friend Shannon opened an organic shop for health and beauty products.  Her website is still a work in progress but I absolutely cannot wait to order some things for myself and the new babe.  She’s as picky as I am about ingredients and living a healthy life so I’m anxious to order!

4.  Today in the car Teagan announced his “knee pit” itched.  Knee Pit?!?!  What the heck is that?!  Apparently it is the area behind your knee where it bends, you know, like an arm pit, but on your knee.  Now I (and you) know!  It reminded me of when Taryn was his age and used to say “yester night”.

5.  We are making a trip to South Austin today to pick a few baby things generous souls are giving us!  What is it that they say, the fastest way to get pregnant is to give away all your baby stuff?  Yup, happened to us!  We need pretty much everything….again.  It’s still a little surreal seeing baby stuff come in to the house again, so exciting!  The kids love it too, I’ve often caught Taryn laying out baby clothes to marvel over how tiny they are.  I love walking in to a room to find one of her unexpected baby clothing arrangements by surprise.