photo of toddler chiropractic adjustent

Our financial struggles meant a lot of sacrifice in 2019.  One of those being chiropractic care.  It was a really hard thing for us to give up since when we were in a sticks and bricks home we went weekly!  We went over 4 months without adjustments, our longest stretch ever.  The kids have been begging to go and we were finally, FINALLY, able to make it happen.  Bring on happier kids and better sleep!  I am so thankful for The Joint, they make getting chiropractic care on the road and full time travel so much easier!  We can go to any location, scan our key cards and our records pop up.  We don’t have to fill out new patient paperwork in every new city or carry records with us.  Granted, they aren’t in every city we land in, but it has been a great fit for us over the last 2+ years.