what we did today…..

a little spur of the moment egg hunt.  i decided to grab the bunny suit on a whim and when i mentioned to ty it was in the trunk, he jumped on the opportunity.  i was shocked and the girls were thrilled.  he was pretty funny and it fit him way better than expected.  he’s such a good sport!  not only did he wear the bunny with pride, he also packed our picnic lunch and hid all the eggs down at our neighborhood park for the other kids.  i love him.

i had second thoughts about taking teagan out…he had another round of shots at our pedi’s office this morning, poor guy, 3 rounds in 3 days trying to get him ready for his surgery on tuesday.  i haven’t had the camera out much lately, just seems unfair to have it in his face when he’s hurting.  i did snap a few today, you can tell he’s not feeling well.  our nurse calls it “sick eyes”…he’s got em poor little guy 🙁  i’m glad we got out with him for awhile though, he did good, and was totally into picking up the eggs and putting them in his basket, i was surprised.

i’ll be back later tonight with sneak peeks from my session tonight!