To say that the last few weeks have been overwhelming would be an understatement. Jason starting a new job, us adjusting to me being on my own with the kids while he works, starting a new year of homeschool, getting back on the road, landing at my moms house, the corona virus, it’s just been a lot. But I’m consistently making an effort to see some positives: his job was already fully remote and secure for now. They put a freeze on hiring just 5 days after he started…whew! (((I have so many feelings for our friends struggling financially right now, we know. Please know we get it. ))) We love his schedule. So far we’ve been able to piece together meals that are safe for us at the local grocery store. I think it’ll get easier now that they closed the beaches – all the spring breakers will leave (it’s been packed here with people on vacation – ugh). We still have a few rolls of toilet paper. Being quarantined isn’t so bad since my mom has a 2,000 square foot wrap around porch for the kids to play on. Plus an artist workshop filled with enough supplies to last! My kids have paint on every article of clothing they own but they are so happy about that. We landed in just the right place to ride all this out, I’m so thankful we are here. Like everyone else, we are just taking it all day by day, one at a time.