1.  Yesterday on the way home from preschool Taryn chatted in the backseat about the clouds and the sky.  Then all of a sudden I hear…..”Mommy, I bet God is old, you know, reaaaallllly oooooooooold.”  So I asked her how old she thinks God is and she said “thirty“.  Awesome.  I’m older than God.  And I thought older than dirt was bad.  That’s ok, its not quite as bad as the time when Ty was about her age and asked my Mom what it was like to live when the dinosaurs roamed the earth….bwahahaha!

2.  Another car thing….when we leave our house we have a choice of two entrances to our neighborhood to leave through, one to the right, one to the left.  One of those choices also leads to Lily’s house.  If I happen to go that way Teagan automatically assumes we’re going to see Lily and will start yelling “I love Lily!” within 10 feet of us leaving the driveway.  Well the other day Taryn piped up with a “Lily is my best friend, I love Lily!” and Teagan scowled at her.  To which Taryn replied with “Bud, your best friend is Daddy, cause he’s all drooly and crazy just like you“.  HA!

3.  Man a lot of stuff happens in our car…..Taryn and Teagan’s car seats are right next to each other in the backseat.  The other day it was just Taryn and I in the car when I heard “Teagan stop it, don’t touch me!“.  I thought about it for a second, looked in the mirror to make sure he wasn’t back there (and to verify I wasn’t the crazy one!) and said “Taryn, Teagan’s not even in the car!?”  She giggled and said “oh yeah”  HA!  Habit, I guess!

4.  My duder loves his Chi Chi’s (cheerios).

5.  I think this study is really interesting.  Probably because I’m a little guilty myself.  Or maybe a lot.

6.  I really, really, really want an updated photo like this but with all 3 of my kids.  I can’t return to this spot because there is now a house residing right there.  I just need a great sunset and a new spot (I have one in mind) and a somewhat calm evening.  Eh, forget the calm, you won’t be able to tell if they are screaming right?  Soon, very soon.

7.  This is beautiful.  Totally inspired.

8.  My sleepy little man has been taking lots of extra naps due to his sleep apnea.  His doctors aren’t comfortable doing the surgery (due to his asthma) until flu season is over.  Until then, we’ll continue to find him in random places of the house all snuggled up with his blankie and of course, catnaps in the car….

9.  Can you believe the crazy guy who flew a plane into a building in Austin?  We drive by that building all the time and it’s very close to where Jason works.  He could see the black smoke out of his office window.  Scary.  I had to drive by there to get to my session this morning and wow, it looks bad on the news but in person, it’s so overwhelming.  I can’t imagine being in that building when it hit and really feel it’s a miracle more people weren’t injured or killed.  Driving by it this morning made me wonder how anyone survived.  My heart goes out to everyone in that building, all the witnesses on the road that day and to the pilot’s wife and daughter, their lives are forever changed.  So sad.

10.  Have you ever been over to visit The Savvy Photographer?  If not, you should, great site (I advertise for The Birth Experience mentoring program over there I love it so much!).  If you click over, be sure to check out this studio tour….good gosh I never knew I wanted a natural light studio until the moment I laid eyes on that one!

11.  The Birth Experience Mentoring Program applications are still open!  Members, be sure to check the forum for a call for images, I’m creating some video tutorials that will take you through my step by step editing process on some of your portrait and birth images!