For a long time I got caught up on always taking a correct photograph, even just of my kids, hanging around the house or whatever.  Thankfully, over time, I’ve gotten over it.  I actually take a ton of snapshots.  I shoot a ton and while a lot of them land in a file called "proof once my children are older, out of the house and I’m bored in my empty nest", I do proof some and print some, but I barely ever share them so I thought it would be fun to share a few on a 10 on Tuesday post…

1.  Little T, swinging at the park this morning.  No more baby swings, she’s all about that big kid swing.  Right after this we blew lots and lots of bubbles….it was fun.


2.  Ty, on his way out the door on the first day of school.  His bus leaves at the crack of dawn, so it was still dark.


3.  This one is for my mom….she bought this for Taryn for her birthday and wanted to see what it looks like all hung up in her room….so here ya go Gee Gee….


4.  Our Taryn’s dog Kylie.  Follows Taryn everywhere.  All.the.time.  When Taryn is outside with me or Jase, Kylie sits by the door and waits for her to come back in.  When Kylie hears her voice getting close, she starts to spin around in circles like a big 70 lb tornado dog.  This is Kylie’s signature loving head tilt…


5.  Jase installing our new storm door, and T painting the front walk while he works.  I love the new door, lets in tons of light.


6.  Just one of many reasons Little Dude loves hanging out in Taryn’s room…


7.  Jason helping Teagan learn how to sit.  Love my boys.


8.  I can do it, I can do it, by myself.  I hear this 1,008,632 times per day.  Damn that Barney.


9.  Little dude now loves sitting up his crib.  It cracks me up to walk by his room and see nothing more than his cute little mohawk and eyes peeking over the edge looking out at me!


10.  One of our prizes from winning the bump contest on the nest.  Still don’t know what we are doing about Jamaica.  Its been a little frustrating trying to figure it all out, while we’d love for the whole family to go on the trip, we just can’t justify putting ourselves in debt over it.  Figuring out who is going to go, well, that’s been a pretty constant debate.   We also haven’t had much luck in dealing with the marketing company handling the trip for their client (the resort)….she is nice as can be but replies to us without really saying anything or answering our questions even though she uses a lot of words.  Kind of politicianesque LOL!  So, for now, it’s still all up in the air.  Love, love, love the gift basket though!  I also heard from the Bump magazine last week, they needed to confirm the spelling of our names.  Good thing they called cause boy do we have some doozies!  The publication will be released this fall, can’t wait!


Thanks for stopping in!  =)